Target's Smart Home "open house" in San Francisco

By: Smart Zero Home
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A number of small and larger Fortune 500 companies are starting to develop technologies and integrated platforms to enable large scale adoption of Smart Home technologies. This includes technology giants such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Samsung, as well as retailers such as Target.

We ( recently visited the newly opened Target Smart Home demonstration "open house" in downtown San Francisco, and were pleasantly surprised.

Target's Smart Home demonstration set-up in downtown San Francisco showcases what a connected smart home of the future could be like

The demonstration set-up is adjoining the Target store and the Metreon center, on the intersection of 3rd and Mission st. It shows how various devices in different rooms of the 'Smart Home' connect with each other and interact with the resident and adapt to their habits and preferences.

The open house showcases some of the latest smart home devices and technologies, and demonstrates how the smart connected devices would work together to simplify your life.

The following are some pictures from our visit:

target open house

opne house target open house

open house open house

target open House target open house


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