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Connected Home Platform 101 & Smart Connected Home Devices

By: Smart Zero Home
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Connected Home Platforms available today, allow for various smart devices to be connected – monitored and controlled – under one platform. You can thus have a smart ‘Nest’ thermostat, exterior and common areas lights, wearables and smart phones, and the home security systems with the surveillance cameras feed, under one common connected home platform.

The connected home platforms are connected via the home Wi-Fi through a choice of protocols (ZigBee, Zwave), and accessible through any one of the available UI interfaces such as your phone, laptop or your Smart TV. See’s  comparison of the top available Smart Connected Home Platforms, available today.

Various smart devices can be connected – monitored and controlled – under one platform

The Connected Home Platform makes life a lot easier and comfortable, allowing one to monitor and control various devices and appliances from one central platform (interface/app), instead of being inundated by data and feed from various devices on various individual apps.

For example, with a connected home platform, one “not in home” command suffices to activate all the connected devices as per the pre-selected actions: turn off the AC, turn off the kitchen and living room lights, turn-off all smart appliances and devices, and activate the home security system.

Also see our post on NREL's Power Lab and Target's smart connected home, for a preview on on-going efforts from public and private sector.