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FOORJA through its proprietary intelligent software solutions, assesses and designs, and streamlines the home improvement process.

'Intelligent Designer' is our patented remote analyses software platform, that automates the home improvement process & maximizes financial benefits.

Foorja is driven to make the home improvement process DIY simple & personalized, for essential home systems (Furnace, Insulation, AC, Water Heating, Solar, Windows, Appliances etc).

We are a group of building scientists, architects, mechanical engineers, and builders, who have worked extensively with all stakeholders within the home ecosystem - including product manufacturers (DOW, GE, Owens Corning, Dupont), National research laboratories (NREL, LBNL), production builders (KB Homes, Lennar, Meritage, Pulte), utilities, the World Bank and the US Department of Energy > bringing new home systems' technologies into the market.

We welcome new ideas and collaborative opportunities. If you want access to the beta version of the Intelligent Design or for any other enquiries or ideas, please write to us at Contact@SmartZeroHome.com.

DIY Simple & Personalized solution in minutes with 'Intelligent Designer'

Come work with us & change the world!

In these COVID lockdown times, we are hiring for remote positions (to be based in the US or India in the future). See current open positions.