DIY Personalized Home Improvement Platform : 'Intelligent Designer'

By: Smart Zero Home
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'Intelligent Designer' is our patented DIY remote analyses software platform, that automates the home energy and home improvement process. The platform generates a personalized home improvement solution for your home, that maximizes financial benefits. The solution includes best value solution for 20+ home energy systems (products that impact your energy usage and are important home technologies - AC, furnace, water heater, appliances, solar PV, etc.), full home retrofit and even converting your home into a smart & zero energy home.


The Foorja platform does not compromise on your privacy - does not require installation of devices or access to smart meter data/home utility bills, home visit/s, or invasive monitoring permissions etc.

Write to us at, to try it out.

Be Cutting-Edge!


If you are a business interested in offering a cutting-edge solution to your customers, try one of our business modules.

Write to us at Provide a brief description of you business and other details of your interest, and one of our business associates will get in touch, and help you with on-boarding and/or API integration.