Whole House Fan 101

By: Smart Zero Home
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A whole house fan is an inexpensive way to cool the home. It works like a large exhaust fan, that ventilates and cools the home by pulling in the air from the open windows and exhausting the air through the roof/attic.

Whole house fan can be a simple and effective strategy for cooling your home, and can be combined with regular ceiling fans and in conjunction with the AC ducts.

Whole House Fan is a simple and an inexpensive way to cool and ventilate your home

A Whole house fan is installed in the ceiling/attic so that it can exhaust out the air. Here are some of the important considerations when installing and operating a whole house fan:

  • Ensure that windows are open when the whole house fan is operating, to prevent uneven pressure differentials in the home.

  • Avoid back-drafting of combustion appliances via the whole house fan, by careful location of the fan relative to these appliances.

  • During winters, the whole house fan’s opening to the outside should be properly sealed.

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