Choosing the Best Dishwasher for your Home: Features That Matter

By: Smart Zero Home
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When replacing your existing dishwasher or buying an additional one, you can’t really go wrong with purchasing any of the top brands available at the major retailers. They all have most of the advanced features, are a lot bigger (from inside), and are a lot less noisier than what you have been used to.

However, you are bound to get overwhelmed by the number of features and options being offered in the dishwashers available today in the market. To zero in on your final choice, here are some of the important features that we ( would recommend focusing on:

    • Programmable Cycles and/or Soil Sensor: One should be able to customize the number of cycles a dishwasher runs for, based on how dirty/soiled the dishes are to save time and energy. Most dishwashers usually have programmable cycles that let you decide the number of cycles a dishwasher runs for, or have a soil sensor that automatically decides it for you. A soil sensor ensures that the dishwasher runs the minimum number of cycles required to clean the dishes, by checking/sensing how dirty/soiled the dishes are after the end of each cycle.
    • Air Dryer: Having the option to air dry the dishes after they have cleaned and rinsed, is a big energy saver, and is also a healthier option.

Programmable cycles and an air dryer option are two of the recommended Dishwasher features

    • Size of the Dishwasher: The size of the new dishwasher should be based on your household’s size and habits. For example, in an all-working adult household, where the dishwasher is going to be typically used in the evening/night a larger dishwasher would be needed. So think about your specific needs, typical usage pattern and then decide on the size. Think about the typical load size (best to run the dishwasher full), and the frequency (based on your schedules and desires).
    • Energy Star Rating: An Energy Star certified dishwasher, ensures that the dishwasher meets the minimum prescribed energy efficiency standards within its peers.

Here is our ( pick of the Top 5 Dishwashers in the market.