Windows Installation Best Practice : Part I

By: Smart Zero Home
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Once you have decided to replace your existing windows or install new ones in a newly remodeled space, there are a few aspects that you need to consider to follow it through.

This includes starting with assessing the economics and knowing the exact specifications (see our design automation tool) and window style, zero-ing in on the exact window brand or product that you want to purchase (see our ( recommendations), and then ensuring that the windows are installed properly.

The following is a 10 part video series from Anderson Windows that can serve as an excellent resource for you to ensure that your windows are installed correctly:


Installing the window begins with assessing your needs

1) Assessment: Assess the requirement and the needs of the resident, to develop the overall strategy, develop and estimate of the job, and an installation plan

2) Measurement: The next step is to measure the windows that need to be replaced:

3) Strategy: Developing a strategy for replacing the window, based on your goal and needs:


See Part II: Prepping for the Installation and Part III: Installing the Window.