Insulating Your Roof / Attic Effectively

By: Smart Zero Home
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Insulating your attic or roof can be one of the easiest and the most effective way of increasing the comfort and efficiency of your home. The roof is exposed to the sun and the weather elements through out the year and needs to be insulated well. See our intelligent design software to determine the best roof/attic insulation specification for your home.

Adding roof insulation can insulate the attic space, and if the HVAC ducts run in the attic, it increases the efficiency of the furnace and the AC system (see Ducts in Conditioned Space). Before insulating the roof, ensure that all leakges have been air-sealed.

Choosing between different insulation options

Spray foam insulation is the best option when adding insulation to the roof directly. However, if adding insulation to the attic floor, you can use either blown-in cellulose or fiber glass batts. Cellulose insulation is an environmentally friendly option that can also be blown-in with minimum intrusion, but can absorb water in humid weather.

Spray foam for the Roof and Cellulose for the Attic floor are good insulation options

Getting the Roof/Attic Insulation "R" Value

Insulation’s effectiveness is measured by its “R” value. R is the short form for Insulation’s Resistance against transfer of heat across it. Thus higher the R value of the Insulation, higher is its effectiveness. Our ( intelligent design software can specify the exact insulation R values that are the most cost-effective and the most impactful, for your home.

The following video by Owens Corning demonstrates how you can re-insulate your attic:


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