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Insulation Intelligent Design Generator 'intelligent designer'

By: Smart Zero Home
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The intelligent design software - 'intelligent designer', generates the best and the most cost effective insulation (wall, roof, air sealing) design & specifications for your home.

The generated design is a balance between benefits (energy savings) and cost. The design maximizes your investment returns. The software saves you months of time and thousands of dollars in audit, research and design fee, and ensures that you don't over-spend on buying oversized products & appliances.

The intelligent designer's proprietary algorithms are driven at the back-end by extensive big-data analysis (15 minute interval energy data from your neighborhood), and the automated design factors is driven by our own years of design experiences in the field, and experience working with contractors, utilities, the Department of Energy, and builders.


      • Step 1: Modify the home address, size and the average monthly electric bill. For privacy reasons, we don't store or track your address. Please modify to the closest address of your home.

        Currently, the above application is only available for the state of California. If you are not in California, but would want to use our application for your state, please contact us (

      • Step 2: "Intelligent Designer" generates design for your home & generates the savings that would be realized by implementing the generated design.

      • Step 3: Get detailed specifications on the generated design. We also encourage you to get in touch with us to get the whole house recommended design along with the insulation design, analyses and report, to get the maximum whole house rebates.


For best results use the software on on your laptop or desktop browser as it may not work on your mobile device.

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