How to Choose the Best Clothes Washer for your Home

By: Smart Zero Home
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Buying a clothes washer/washing machine can be an overwhelming experience - choosing between the myriad of features and choosing between the various brands/manufacturers/models available.

Here are some of the important features that we ( would recommend focusing on:

    • Front loading Washer: Horizontal front loading washers are recommended as they are more water efficient and can be used for smaller loads, as compared to the top loading models where the water has to be filled in almost completely to soak the clothes.

Front loading washing machines are a lot more water and energy efficient

    • Size of the Clothes Washer: The size of the washing machine – its tub dimension is dependent on your usage pattern – the usage frequency and the size of the load.
    • Energy Star: An Energy Star certified clothes washer, ensures that the washer meets the minimum prescribed energy efficiency standards within its peers. Energy Star rated washers meet the minimum energy efficiency standards (Energy Factor of over 2.5 or a modified Energy Factor of over 1.26).


Here is our ( pick of the top 5 Clothes Washers in the market.